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Colin Dennis
Colin Dennis .

Keynote Speech: Hygiene and Hygienic Design – Essentials in Food Safety

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Ludvig Josefsberg
Ludvig Josefsberg EHEDG President

Introduction to the EHEDG (purpose, organisation, capabilities, product portfolio, initiatives, value proposition)

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Patrick Wouters
Patrick Wouters Cargill

Hygienic Engineering vis á vis Global Legislation and Customer Expectations

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Thomas Caesar
Thomas Caesar Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

Best Practice for the Selection of Air Filters in Air Handling Systems for the Food Industry

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Anett Winkler
Anett Winkler Cargill

Services - Water and Steam for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Andrew Buchan
Andrew Buchan ACO

Hygienic Drainage - Performance by Design

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Katie Satterthwaite
Katie Satterthwaite Marks and Spencer Plc

Open Plant Cleaning and Disinfection

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Hein Timmerman
Hein Timmerman Diversey

Hygienic Design Requirements for CIP Installations

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Marc Mauermann
Marc Mauermann Fraunhofer IVV Dresden

New EHEDG Test Method to assess the Cleanability of Exposed Surfaces

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Dirk Nikoleiski
Dirk Nikoleiski Commercial Food Sanitation

Cleaning Validation, Verification and Monitoring

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Roy Kirby
Roy Kirby Mondelez

Food Safety Management

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Mark Swainson
Mark Swainson University of Lincoln

Hygiene Considerations for Robotics in Food Manufacturing

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Mike Bird
Mike Bird University of Bath

Fouling and Cleaning of Synthetic Membranes used to fractionate and concentrate Liquid Foods

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Peter Fryer University of Birmingham

Removal of thick deposits from pipes and surfaces

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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson University of Cambridge

Removal of Stubborn Soils from Walls by impinging Liquid Jets

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Ellen Evans
Ellen Evans Cardiff Metropolitan University

Evaluating Hand Hygiene Practices in Food and Drink Manufacturing and Processing Business

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John Holah
John Holah Holchem Laboratories

The Role of Factory Design and Factory Refurbishment in Pathogen Control

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Richard Leathers
Richard Leathers Campden BRI

Risk Assessment on Changes to Fabric of Building, adding Lines, etc.

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Haydn Mann
Haydn Mann Cargill

Hygienic Design Challenges and Learnings during New Build and Renovation ensuring Food Safe Meat Plants

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Frank Moerman
Frank Moerman Catholic University of Leuven

Hygienic Maintenance

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