Topics & Sessions

The following congress sessions have been defined to highlight various aspects considered as key points for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as for equipment and machinery manufacturers.

The congress presentations will reflect the latest EHEDG know-how in these fields and high-level experts will deliver an insight into hygienic design principles and real cases. Emerging hazards, sustainability, compliance and traceability as well as good manufacturing practices and economic aspects will be on the list of topics:

SESSION I - Building and Equipment Design

Session I has two objectives. Firstly, to set the scene as to what EHEDG is and does and how it relates to other organisations providing guidance on food safety best practice. Secondly, it reports on the deliberations of the EHEDG Working Groups in a number of areas, specifically: air handling and the choice of filtration systems; the provision of water and steam services; and the hygienic design of drainage associated with hygienic factory design. The contents and key guidance points of these documents are reviewed.

SESSION II - Cleaning

Session II is dedicated to cleaning. EHEDG has a number of Working Groups that will publish guidance documents in 2018 on CIP and open plant cleaning and disinfection. In particular, and in an area where little information is published, the subject of the validation of CIP and open plant cleaning and disinfection is presented. The best practices and key guidance points of these documents are also reviewed. In addition, progress on a new practical method to assess the cleanability of open surface equipment is discussed.

SESSION III - Innovation

Session III is devoted to reporting on academic work being undertaken in the UK on a broad range of topics within the subject area of hygienic design in robotics, the cleanability of a range of surface materials and soiling types and their removal via CIP and open plant cleaning systems. Food safety culture is also addressed, particularly on how the behaviour of engineering and hygiene functions within a food manufacturing plant may differ from that of colleagues in production and technical functions.

SESSION IV - Upgrading and Renovation

Session IV considers how the requirements for food safety can shape the processes of factory and equipment design. It also considers how implementing hygienic design in factory and equipment design, often in terms of factory upgrading and refurbishment, can aid in the practical management of food safety. Once constructed, how structures and equipment can be hygienically maintained is also described.